A partial listing of authors published by Novelty Fiction:

Abigail George – Clarissa, Hector and Septimus Redefined, a short story; The Waking, a short story.

Adrian Lavelle – Lunása at Dawn, a short story; Screamers, a short story.

Afsaneh – Inconvenient Manners, a short story.

Anne DiGeorge – Not Quite Cricket, a short story.

Cole Olasubomi – The Ixoras on Chika’s Grave, a short story.

Dotty Simone – The Lonely Limb, a short story; His Hell, a short story.

Goldenstar Kytori – The Place Where the Sun Never Dies, a short story; Days Are Never Quite Alike, a short story.

Gunnar Garisson – A Crimson Sunrise, a short story.

Haruo Kato – Music and I, an essay.

Holden Williams – A Woman’s First Day at the Convent, a short story; Absence of Grace, a short story.

Joseph Jegede – Arinfesesi, a short story.

Jytte Rand – A Tribute to the Music, an essay.

Lora Palmer – Defying the Darkness, a short story.

Maggie May – An Angel On My Shoulder, a short story.

Maple Klockgether – Science and Music, an essay; Scientifically Imperfect, an essay.

Marsha Ablowitz – Turning Thirteen at Summer Camp, a short story.

Nadine AuCoin – A Little Piece of Heaven, an essay.

Olusola Akinwale – The Ghost of His Disappearance, a short story.

Peter R. Harris – Dare to Look, a short story.

Rabhelani Mguni – Suited, a short story.

Rehanul Hoque – The Immigrant Catfish, a novelette.

Roman Trend – Martha’s Underworld, a novelette; Harpsichord, a novella.

Rosalie Montgomery – Wake Up the Dead Girl, a short story.

Samuel Hamrick – The Duties of a Criminal, a novelette.

Sunnie Day – The Descent, a short story.

Taressa Klays – When the Power to Heal Turns Deadly, a short story.

Thandie Mvundla – Famished, a short story.

Zamo Gina – The House of the Land, a short story.

Zeddekia Ssekyonda – Waiting on Fate, a short story.

Zehra Ali – A Heart Harkened, a novelette.