Novelty Fiction Gazette is a quarterly literary magazine edited by Morten Rand in Dortmund, Germany. It is published online in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Novelty Fiction welcomes authors from around the world. Since 2010, our magazines and books have featured authors from USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Pakistan, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The current issue and all previous issues are available for online reading. Our publishing schedule is as follows: March 15 (Spring Issue); June 15 (Summer Issue); September 15 (Fall Issue); December 15 (Winter Issue). The publication date for each issue is listed on this site, simply click on any of the cover images on our homepage.

Morten Rand has edited over 20 novels plus numerous novellas, novelettes and short stories. He uses trial readers and literary consultants to ensure that stories edited by him will be well-received by readers and reviewers. To contact Mr. Rand, please use Novelty Fiction’s feedback form.