An Interview with Vivienne Kapkarich

On September 8, 2023, Vivienne Kapkarich submitted an unpublished poetry collection to Novelty Fiction. Proofreading and light editing ensued. The work, “Eminent Desire,” was published in paperback format the following week via our imprint Abigail George Books and in Kindle e-book format about 3 weeks later.


NOVELTY FICTION – ​​ Your love poems are written in the first person, and you address someone else – a current or former lover – who is unnamed. Are the poems rooted in your personal experiences, or does the collection include some imaginary scenarios?

VIVIENNE KAPKARICH – Eminent Desire is a semi-fictional work comprising a collection of poems, including love poems, that are rooted in personal experiences, acquaintances, environment, and surroundings. The profound emotions evoked during instances of desire enabled me to harness my creativity and compose from a distinctive perspective. My literary offerings encapsulate my deepest yearnings and the activities I envisioned engaging in with my beloved, expertly blending memories and fantasies into an alluring concoction. These desires transported us to an imaginary realm, where we could escape reality and experience it vicariously. Whether reciprocated or not, my compositions remain a bold expression of my imagination and experiences. My love poems are derived from a place of assurance, drawing inspiration from both personal encounters and hypothetical circumstances borne from my surroundings.


NOVELTY FICTION – ​​ Is it likely that someone out there among the readers will believe that a poem was written about them? If so, how do you feel about that situation?

VIVIENNE KAPKARICH – I strongly believe that one of my admirers, who I happen to have a crush on, will stumble upon these poems and interpret them as if they were written for them. The experiences we shared have been the foundation of my work. It would bring me immense joy to know that they felt the emotions conveyed in my words, independent of other factors. Such recognition would make me feel valued and appreciated.

Connectivity does not end there. As I wrote, I envisioned my reader connecting deeply with the message in these poems. I am confident that my work will evoke powerful emotions in my readers, leading them toward a better understanding of their inner selves. Though I may not know my readers personally, I feel a deep sense of appreciation when my art resonates with them. Creating a connection with my reader was my top priority, and I am certain that my work will help them visualize and embrace their emotions. I am confident that my evocative poetry will leave a lasting impact on my readers, as it helps them become more familiar with their emotions and themselves.


NOVELTY FICTION – ​​ The chosen title “Eminent Desire” and your description on the back cover indicate that this work is a compilation of poems about different kinds of desire. How many poems had you written before this theme emerged, and did the concept inspire you to write additional poems?

VIVIENNE KAPKARICH – Earlier this year, I had over 80 poems, each with a title. However, I did not title all of them at the time. When my colleague and an author approached me to publish my work, I had no title for the book. I had to read my work again to find a suitable title. I wanted to make sure the title accurately represented what my work was about. Amidst this, as I was writing "Week twenty-eight," I had lost two people in the same week over a span of 6 years.

Later, I began to imagine a conversation with "Death," as I had a lot of burning questions about it. Then it became clear to me that passion is what drives things forward, even in the case of death. That's how the title of my book came to me – "Even Death Has an Eminent Desire." I believe that death's desires are fulfilled when we suffer, hence the title. By that time, I was confidently writing one of the last poems among the published ones, titled "Death."

The concept Eminent Desire has truly inspired me, and I am excited to have created something that resonates with my readers. I have received a lot of curious questions from my fans about why I chose this title, which has further motivated me to continue writing. I believe that desires, whether real or imagined, have a significant impact on our emotional experiences, and I am confident in my ability to explore this theme in my future work. In fact, I have been considering doing a spin-off of Eminent Desire, and am eager to see where this creative journey takes me.


NOVELTY FICTION – ​​ For you personally, what makes poetry the most effective and suitable means of expression when writing about this theme?

VIVIENNE KAPKARICH – As an ambivert, I have come to embrace the power of my alone time when words flow effortlessly through my mind. I used to question why these words were present in my thoughts, but one day during my solitude, I decided to put pen to paper and began to write. As I wrote, I discovered a sense of ease and comfort that came with expressing my thoughts on paper. Over time, writing became a therapeutic outlet for me, allowing me to present my imagination poetically and share my mind without fear of judgment. I now confidently use poetry as my preferred medium of expression, not only because it is enjoyable but also because it serves as a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth.


NOVELTY FICTION – ​​ Your style tends to be straightforward. Do any of your poems contain subtle hints and hidden meanings? Do you think readers will come closer to understanding you by reading the collection more than once?

VIVIENNE KAPKARICH – My poems are masterpieces crafted with intricate subtlety and profound meaning. For those who appreciate poetry, each line contains a wealth of intriguing interpretations waiting to be discovered. Even if the initial read only captures the surface meaning, multiple readings will reveal the true depth and significance of the words.


NOVELTY FICTION – ​​ Anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your work?

VIVIENNE KAPKARICH – I was raised in an environment where education was greatly valued, but I felt that its scope was limited. Despite my strong passion for art, it seemed like there was no room for it. However, I didn't give up; instead, I turned inward and channeled my energy into reading. Among the novels I read, my favorite was "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe. What fascinated me the most was the part where Eneke the bird says, "Men have learned to shoot without missing their mark, and I have learned to fly without perching on a twig." Although I had never written poems, I was always drawn to the art of poetry.

Five years ago, I reread the book and searched for the meaning behind the title "Things Fall Apart." This led me to the poem "The Second Coming" by W.B. Yeats, which evoked something in me. Then I came across "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, which was used to explain a situation in another book. These two poems sparked a passion in me for poetry, and I wanted to learn more. That's when I stumbled upon Emily Dickinson's work, which fascinated me even more. With all three authors, I wrote my first poem, "Scars of Change." It was then I realized that I had found my destiny through their books, and the future had me in store as a poet. This journey led me to write two more poems inspired by my life in relation to one of the mentioned authors.

I am confident that my readers can recognize the inspiration from these authors in my poems. My journey in poetry was not something I pursued consciously, but I was connected to it through different authors. They evoked some poetic art in me, and I believe that my success is just as much theirs. I urge my readers to make reading a habit, and they will find their path in this world, just like I did. I'm sure they will be able to connect to my work and find their own path as well.


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