W.E. – In Defense of Love

In Defense of Love

The Offense

The year is 2032. The authorities have finally gotten it figured out. The official doctrine now has it that love and hate are inseparable. History records have shown that an astounding 77 percent of all wars were fought over matters of the heart: Love of God, love of Fatherland, love of one’s peers. Conversely, there was strong hatred against the opposing side that professed devotion to the very same values.

For some time, it had been debated whether certain types of love could continue to be tolerated, but further studies revealed that love shares a universal core. One type of love invariably leads to another. Hence, to get rid of the types of love found to be associated with violence and hatred, one has had to abandon the concept altogether.

Source: By meric on Panoramio


THE JUDGE – You stand accused this day of the severest crime of falling in love. What have you to say?

THE DEFENDANT – I never loved anyone. I am incapable of loving anyone. Except…

THE JUDGE – Yes, except?

THE DEFENSE LAWYER – Himself. That’s probably what he means. Himself.

THE PROSECUTOR – Objection, your honor!

THE JUDGE – Let the man speak. He has a mind of his own, a free will. He will be punished severely in case of perjury.

THE DEFENDANT – I couldn’t love anyone except the birds.

THE JUDGE – The birds? Which ones? All of them? 

THE DEFENDANT – The love birds, of course.

THE JUDGE – Ah, the love birds. Were you one of them?

THE DEFENDANT – Yes, your Honor. At one point in time I must have been.


THE DEFENDANT – I love them all. The love birds remind me of the time when I was one of them. Back then, love was permitted.

THE PROSECUTOR – That may have been, but our rules have changed as you well know. You had ample time to change your ways and views. If you live in the past, that makes you an accomplice to illegal love. Something we needn’t encourage.

THE DEFENDANT – Without love, life is meaningless.

THE PROSECUTOR – No, but without reproduction, life is unsustainable. With artificial reproduction, love is no longer needed. We did away with alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate. Then love.

THE DEFENDANT – You honor, may I speak in defense of love?

THE JUDGE – You may.

THE DEFENDANT – Love is the essence of life. Without it, the skies might as well fall down from the Heavens. The birds might as well drop down from the trees. Winter might as well last forever, with no hope in sight, anyway. If love costs me my life, I couldn’t have died a happier man. Animals love their children, too. In every species, there is love and affection; only man has tried to wipe it out at great expense, at great pain to the people and permanent damage to our society.

THE PROSECUTOR – It’s all hearsay, your honor! I request his blasphemous statement be stricken from the record.

THE JUDGE – I’ll let it sit there for now, but that is as far as it goes. The defendant is guilty as charged. Sentencing will be tomorrow afternoon. This Court is adjourned!

The Consequences

Even though love has been abandoned and outlawed as a concept, this does not mean that society has lost it ability to be compassionate. Quite the contrary. Since love and hatred are no longer permitted, any decision will have to rest solely on pragmatic grounds. The society does not have to demonstrate its wrath, merely to do what is considered best to uphold the rule of law and to preserve the social order. The individual needn’t be punished, merely prevented from repeating the offense.

THE JUDGE – Having been found guilty as charged, you are to live in the wilderness amongst the animals whose instincts you so admire. “Love” – or whatever it is that goes on – is not prohibited amongst animals. You shall wear an angle bracelet at any time. Any attempt to remove the bracelet or to return to society will result immediately in your capture and incarceration in an isolation cell for life. Is that understood?

THE DEFENDANT – Yes, your honor. I rather look forward to it, now that Man has fallen to below even primitive animal levels.

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