Roman Trend – The Satanic Mass

Ferret had on his mind a grand scenario, which would be played out in the lower basement. He wanted to arrange for a Satanic mass, where at least the following persons would be present: Rose and her mother, Camilla, himself and his brothers, plus anybody from the club in London who’d care to join. The priest, who was soon to retire in any event, would be forced to play the organ under threat of grave bodily harm.

He had laid it all out in detail to Cromwell one night. Cromwell, who was well-connected in those circles, would see to it that a High Priest attended from London. The basement would be decorated with black candles, thick and tall to be placed with about 20 meters in between throughout the hallway. Next to four out of every five candles would stand a member of the Shield; they would be witnesses, no more or less, as they were forbidden from doing anything sinister but allowed to take note of all things good or bad. Next to every fifth candle there would stand a soldier, or some young man dressed as such, pounding very slowly and regularly on a large drum emitting a deep and fatalistic sound. The floor in the hallway, which was usually a white raw floor, would be covered with a thick deep-blue runner for the occasion.

Ferret would seduce Rose that night. He would take her dancing in the ballroom, then bring her outside to soften her resistance. “Come with me, I’ve something to show you,” he would say, and when she agreed to come along he’d bring her downstairs. The moment they entered the basement, the thick iron door with the bars would close shut behind them, she would grab his hand hard, and he would start leading her through the basement. Soon she’d see first the burning candles, then the man standing next to them. The drums would go from barely audible to rather loud from the moment they passed the first drummer. As they passed these men, they would form a closed circle behind them, making any retreat impossible.

After three hundred yards, they’d take a right turn and enter the chamber, which had been specially decorated for tonight. There was a large table, an open coffin, and an alter. The walls were decorated with human skulls, thick blood-red velvet drapes hanging down from the tall ceiling. Men and women were sitting on the floor all around the periphery of the large room, their eyes closed and in silent prayer. The table was surrounded on all three sides by burning black candles, and on the alter stood a single red candle.

Rose would not know what to do, but regardless of how scared she was she would know that resistance was futile and probably more dangerous than giving in. As they stepped inside the chamber and took the first step towards the alter, Cromwell’s boys would come silently from an unknown direction and grab Rose firmly by her arms and hands. Effortlessly, these half-naked boys would lift her up and carry her to the table. As they laid her down, a Priestess would enter the chamber carrying four thick ropes, which she would use to tie Rose’s hands and legs to the table. She would then pull out a long knife, cut open Rose’s blouse, and use this to gag her. The Priestess would hand the knife to one of the boys, who would cut lose Rose’s other clothes.

Three peasant teenage boys, who had been forcibly abducted, would come in pulling between them a goat. Three peasant teenage girls, similarly abducted, would stand next to the alter and greet them silently. The boy in the middle would hand the rope to the girl in the middle, then the boys would turn around, kneel down in front of the Priestess, close their eyes, and start praying.

In comes Cromwell in a fog of artificial smoke. “I smell Christian virgin blood,” he would say in a deep tone, and the entire assembly would repeat: “Christian virgin blood!” He came to take a closer look at Rose, whose legs were spread out before him.

“What say you to deserve this virgin?” Cromwell would ask of Ferret, who remained standing some six feet inside the door. “Come to me and look me in the eyes, so that I can judge the character of your soul.”

Ferret would walk quickly towards Cromwell, who then directed his piercing glance at him. “You have loved these boys and girls?” he’d say, making a hand motion towards the peasant kids. “Have you come to their stables and touched them late at night?”

“No, your grace,” Ferret would reply.

“Then who did you touch? Your sister?”

“No, your grace. Only in my dreams.”

“Did he touch you?” Cromwell would demand of Camilla, who sat among the praying masses not far away.

“He never laid hands on me,” she’d whisper.

“And what of this goat? Have you ever killed such an animal?”

“No, your grace,” Ferret would reply.

“Here now,” Cromwell would say and pull out his long, needle sharp dagger. “Take this and show me how it’s done.”

Ferret would walk towards the goat, sable in hand, but not get far before Cromwell’s boys would grab him even harder than they had Rose, forcing him on the ground. One of them would hold the dagger against his throat while the others undressed him.

“Go towards him!” the Priestess would demand of the three peasant girls. “Take the farm to him who will not go to the barn.”

The three girls would walk up to Ferret, who was laying naked on the floor, dragging the goat. “Now we give it to you and don’t you waste your chance!” she’d continue, as one of the boys handed the dagger to one of the girls. “Stab the goat, stab it hard!” the Priestess would command, and the girl would then stab the goat in the stomach, its blood spurting out over Ferret. Once he was drenched in blood, the goat bleeding profusely and moaning with agony, the Priestess would make a sign to the boys, who’d then pull Ferret away from underneath it.

“Now you can have her!” the Priestess would say. “Now go to her and penetrate this Christian woman in the name of our Lord Satan!”

“Hail Satan!” all the praying people would cheer, as they looked up from their praying position and got on their feet.

Ferret, deeply excited by the moment, would then march up to the table and penetrate Rose as violently and deeply as he could. She screamed with pain as he penetrated her hymen, then continued pumping, while everyone was cheering “Hail! Hail!” Two of Cromwell’s boys managed to lift the goat up and carry it over to the table, laying it down on its side right underneath where Cromwell stood. Ferret kept on pumping Rose senselessly, and at the moment of his orgasm Cromwell slid the goat’s throat.

All candles were extinguished. No more drum sounds, no more cheers. End of ceremony.

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