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Quality English at your fingertips

NOVELTY EDITORS take the frustration out of communicating in English.

We will ensure the clarity and grammatical correctness of your written material - be it correspondence, reports, or manuscripts. NOVELTY EDITORS will also check the material carefully for conciseness, varied wording, a healthy sentence structure, and an appropriate paragraph length.

Whether or not English is your primary language, NOVELTY EDITORS can help you quickly improve your conversational skills. By letting us analyze how you speak, followed up by consultations, you will become a more effective communicator when conducting conversations, making presentations, or participating in panel discussions.

To complete your communications strategy, let NOVELTY EDITORS critique your blog, website, and social media profiles. Our pointed suggestions will ensure that your most important online writings are consistent, articulate, clear, and correct.

What to expect

  • Affordable editing and proofreading with a fast turnaround.
  • Free, personalized evaluation reports to help you improve.
  • Efficient spoken English analysis and consultation upon request.
  • Quality assurance for your online presence.

About Novelty Editors

This platform is provided by Novelty Fiction (est. 2013). We offer editorial, proofreading, and critique services to professionals. Select educational materials, including website quality reviews, are available for purchase via our bookstore. 

Please direct any inquiries via our online contact form.

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